Susan, you are a dream to work with: easygoing, detail-oriented and talented too!

Graciela Sevilla
Director of Strategic Communications and External Relations
Francis Parker School


A theme show featuring multiple artists needs a good and supple idea. Happily, Lure fits that description.

Whether used as a verb or noun, lure is an alluring word. It also possesses a strong link to what art has to do to attract your attention in a world where so many other things are doing the same, in the name of consuming and entertaining us. Art attempts to entice, tempt, seduce or beguile you, whether it is appealing to the eye, your other senses, the mind, your emotions, or a combination of them….

This exhibition, for all of the complexity of its theme and the considerable ambitions of the work, is genuinely enjoyable. The varied uses of sound, light, color, movement and media do, well, prove seductive.

Robert L. Pincus
Art Critic


Being part of the Art Labs was an amazing experience for us. From our first meetings to the final breakdown of the project, we were given opportunities to share our work, ideas to enhance our vision, and support to pursue this idea that we believed in. Even though we came into the Labs as something of an unknown, we always felt part of the community, and that encouragement helped us to achieve something on a scale we had never attempted in the past.

Lisa Starace and Karen Morrison
Creators of Frame of Reference
Art San Diego Contemporary Art Fair 2011


Susan Myrland has worked with us in developing Art San Diego Contemporary Art Fair over the last two years. She is a true professional, skilled in marketing and communications. Her written and verbal skills are excellent, and she is extremely organized and will follow through to ensure the job gets done. Her friendly manner enables her to establish rapport easily, and her adherence to moral and ethical principles makes her someone you can trust.
I would highly recommend Susan to any organization.

Julie Schraeger
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Art San Diego Contemporary Art Fair


Thanks so much for all the expertise and enthusiasm that you brought to our gallery and program. Your assistance in developing better PR for the gallery and increasing our connections to the San Diego art world have been invaluable. You laid a strong foundation for the future.

Alessandra Moctezuma
Gallery Director
San Diego Mesa College Art Gallery